Tobacco Free Campus Initiative

Tobacco-free Campus Initiative

The Consortium for Tobacco-Free Karnataka (CFTFK) metamorphosed into Consortium for Tobacco-Free INDIA (CFTFI). The initiative began in 2000 and since its inception, it has been undertaking various awareness, research, policy, and advocacy programs to address the ill effects of tobacco. In order to address the issues related to ill- effects of tobacco CFTFI is promoting tobacco-free campuses in India.

Tobacco-free certification

Many health care institution campuses and university campuses as tobacco-free across the globe. We have started a similar initiative in India. Once tobacco-free campus policy is in place, rules could be framed and enforced.  The benefits are innumerable for all. Any campuses/premises such as government or private hospitals/research institutes, corporate offices, commercial buildings or companies, factories, universities/schools-colleges etc can apply for “Tobacco free” tag to CFTFI.  The CFTFI will share a set of guidelines/templates upon request. Once the requirements are met with and verified by the body the campus will be declared with a certification of ‘TOBACCO FREEE CAMPUS’.

We encourage more and more campuses/premises to come forward voluntarily and declare as ‘TOBACCO FREE CAMPUS’.  The certificate of ‘Tobacco-Free campuses would motivate many more campuses to follow the suit in the state and country.

Benefits of tobacco free campus certification

Worldwide, tobacco use results in nearly 5 million deaths every year. As predicted by the World Health Organization tobacco use would cause more than 7 million deaths by the year 2020. At present the global death rate due to tobacco use has crossed 7 million. (see Tobacco-Free policies support the aim of public health to reverse this trend. “Tobacco-free” emphasizes the health of all, including the non-smoker of tobacco The Framework Convention of Tobacco Control (FCTC) the first-ever public health treaty by the World Health Organisation on any health issues to which India is also a party, requires protection of health rights of non-smokers (section-8 of FCTC) which is realized in section-4 of Cigarette and other Tobacco Products Act COTPA (2003) in India. It is equally important to protect people from hazards arising out spitting due to smokeless tobacco(chewing) use. Prohibition of such practices is important.