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Support the Health Promotion project in 20 Government High Schools in Bangalore South -

The project will cover about 2000 children in classes 8 & 9  in these 20 schools.  The focus areas of this intervention are Tobacco Control. Nutrtion, Mental Wellbeing and Dental Health Care. We need 2 LCD Projector Costing Rs.90,000 and 2 field cooridnaotor’s human resource cost of Rs. 4,80.000. This project has community based activities to enhance children’s behaviour  including to act as change agents in their community. The photo is of an health education session conduced in 2022.

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Drugs Free Campaign in Bengaluru - A pilot project is being evolved in ward 185 ( Yelchanahalli)

FSHI in collaboration with various stakeholders organised a consultation in Iliyas Nagar in Bengaluru South on 26th June on the occasion of Interantional day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking. A local youth  Mr Gulab Pasha had sought the help of FSHI to evolve an action plan to address the issue as he and his friends have noticed both the drug users and drug peddlers in thier locality. A field visit and series  of ducussion has led  to evlove a  campaign approach  ‘Campaign Suraksha’ was launched to address the following areas:

  • Awareness creation on harmful effects of drug abuse
  • Dealing with vulnerable people ( School dropouts and children with behavoural isssues in schools)
  • Early identification and treatment
  • Monitoring the demand and supply system

The stakeholders of the campaign would include, community leaders, youth volunteers, families, school teachers, children in school and out of school, government departments, academic institutions, health care institutions and  civil society organisations.

We need your support for the follwoing :

Rent  for a community based recreation center for children -Rs. 1,20,000

Volunteer support cost for identiying and listing  of vulnerable children in 10000 houesholds and high schools  – Rs. 2.00,000

Human resource cost  for overall coordination by two people Rs. 6,00,000 per annum

Referral support for treatment and rehab support  Rs. 1,00,000

Expert support cost of consultancy  Rs. 60,000



Template for design ( work in progress) 

Health Promoting School in South Bangalore. Peer leaders trained as part of the school based resource team



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