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Tobacco Free Karnataka


CFTFK is an alliance of various health care, educational and civil society organizations working in Public Health, Cancer Care, Mental Health, Heart Care, and Education and Development. The CFTFK was born after the 2001 World No Tobacco Day campaign. During the review and reflection, the alliance members felt the need for sustaining tobacco control activities throughout the year as the trends in tobacco consumption and cultivation were posing a threat to the health and development of society, they were concerned particularly about the consumption by adolescents.

Over the years the CFTFK organized public awareness programmes in different places including railway stations and bus stations in the state. On many occasions, memoranda were submitted to policymakers to check the trends in both demand and supply of tobacco. A student initiative against tobacco was created by bringing together various schools and colleges in Bangalore. Awareness programs for college and school students were organised. An awareness program for street children who are vulnerable was also conducted. The need of the hour is to build a movement to protect children and adolescents from the harmful effects of tobacco by engaging with the government for strict enforcement of existing legislation and formulate new ones.


  1. To protect children from being initiated into tobacco use.
  2. To create awareness among the masses about the harmful effects associated with tobacco use.
  3. To undertake research on needful areas related to demand and supply of tobacco.
  4. To advocate for relevant policy and program for tobacco control in the state.
  5. To build a network of professional institutions and civil society organizations to support the tobacco-free campaign across the state.
Photo on the left above is a meeting with Mr Byrati Basavaraju, Minister for Urban Development to clear the vendor licence bill to restrict the access of tobacco products to children. Photo in the middle is a meeting with Mr P C Mohan MP to invite him as the chief guest to World No Tobacco Day 2022. The Photo on the right is with Mr Sadananda Gowda MP to advocate for increase tax on all tobacco products.

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