Citizen's Forum for Smoke Free Bengaluru

Campaign Strategies

  • Enable and empower the non smokers to Exercise  their right to smoke free environment
  • Reduce access to tobacco products by supporting the vendor licence implementation process 
  • Promote National Quit line – Encourage the smokers to quit
  • Report violations through mobile app
No Smoke without Fire - An article by Bangalore Mirror on the ongoing campaign Citizens Action for Smoke Free Bengaluru

An article by Bangalore Mirror on our ongoing campaign ‘ Smoke Free Bengaluru’

Meeting with Art of Living Founder Sri Sir Ravi Shankar 

Dr Ramesh our president and  Mr S J Chander, CEO met Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his team at Art of Living headquarters to explore a partnership for tobacco control. He is deeply concerned about the harm tobacco is causing to the society and also drugs.