Adolescence mark significant transitions in physiological, cognitive, emotional, moral, social, and other domains. Though most children sail through these transitions, some become stressed, which can lead to psychological problems. They are battling major physical, behavioural and mental health issues and are often turning to addiction (tobacco, alcohol, digital) as a short cut to escape from their problem. Therefore, safe school project adopts spectrum approach (Physical, behavioral and mental health and different schools/children at different levels of needs) to promote healthy behaviour among children. A great deal of the morbidity and mortality can be mitigated by of spreading awareness and educating youth, as well as genuine implementation of legislations. In India, ever-increasing adolescent health problems compels the need for safe school program. Safe school project’s goal is to generate new knowledge in the form of of safe school model and motivates to achieve sustainable development goals by filling ‘preventive gaps’ in school health. We will primarily focus on substance abuse (tobacco and alcohol) – which are the two leading mental health causes of the burden of disease.